New – Apex Nature Park

Apex postponed a grand-opening celebration on Saturday at the park at 2600 Evans Road due to weather. But the park is now open to the public.

The park features running trails, lighted tennis courts, two multipurpose fields, a playground, an amphitheater and a dog park. The disc golf course might be the most-anticipated feature, though.
The park helps fill a gap in the western side of town. Hundreds of residents in the Scotts Mill, Bella Casa and Hollands Crossing subdivisions didn’t have a park within walking distance.

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf, but players use Frisbee-like discs instead of clubs. The object of the game is to get the disc inside a basket in as few throws as possible.
Disc golf has become more popular in the area. There are about 30 private and public disc golf courses in Wake County, according to
“We wanted to establish a fun place, encourage people to pick up a new sport and offer a challenge for every level of player,” said Watson, a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association. “We plan to host professional-level tournaments, and local tournaments and charity games.”

The Apex Nature Park could also become home to high school tennis and cross-country events.

Apex already has a dog park at Hunter Street Park. The doggie play space at Apex Nature Park is the town’s second.
Dog-park users must pay an annual membership fee that will grant them access to both dog parks. The fee is $30 for residents and $60 for non-residents.
Registration is available at the Apex Community Center, and dog owners must show proof of vaccinations.

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