Café Helios Review

For those of us lucky enough to live close to Downtown Raleigh, there is an abundance of exciting restaurants and cafés available to us. One such place is the award winning coffee shop Café Helios. Café Helios is located on one of the ‘hippest’ streets in Raleigh at 413 Glenwood Avenue, fitting in perfectly with the cozy and alternative feel that many of the street’s shops have to offer.

When you walk in, the first thing you’ll notice is the open space and brightness that shines in from the huge set of windows that is the front wall. The décor of the place is incredibly appropriate, with a raised booth in the back, a bar by the kitchen that lest you eavesdrop on the cooks, and many tables laid out in an orderly fashion. Yet another cozy bar is located to the right, looking out onto the large closed-in patio. If you do make the wise choice to relax outside, there is a bunch of shaded tables by a beautiful ivy-covered wall.

While the general aesthetic of a coffee shop is incredibly important, take one look at the Café Helios’s menu and you will discover that it is not just a coffee shop. Of course, the usual bakery treats are available such as muffins and croissants, but Café Helios offers a variety of dishes that you would expect at a sit-down restaurant. The delicious breakfast menu is comprised of a variety of egg dishes among others, and you cannot go wrong with the scrumptious sides if you are not feeling up for a full meal. One of my favorites is the sweet potato hash browns. For about $3.00 you get a small plate of grated sweet potatoes cooked to perfection, and just enough pepper to give it a delicately spicy kick.

Café Helios offers hip feng shui with a killer menu, easily making it one of the best “alternative” coffee shops in the area. Of course, Starbucks is just around the corner, but you will be pleasantly surprised by Café Helios’s warm atmosphere and top-notch food.

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