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The buyer makes the first move when they complete the Offer to Purchase and Contract.  There is a standard form approved by North Carolina real estate agents and attorneys that is used in most residential real estate sales. But a good agent does much more than fill in the blanks. As your Buyer’s Agent, we will help you structure your offer to protect your interests.

The written offer is given to the seller’s real estate agent. In most cases, the seller will present a counter offer proposing a different price or terms. The buyers and sellers work with their real estate agents to negotiate the terms of the sale until an agreement is reached. When all parties sign the Offer to Purchase, then there is a binding contract for the sale of the house.

Buying and selling a home is an exciting and emotional time for buyers and sellers. We share that excitement with you! As your agent, we are on your team every step of the way. We don’t make decisions for you, but we coach you through the challenges. We give advice about strategy and tactics. We advise about standard practices and legal pitfalls. We provide reliable data so you can make the best choices for your family.

Our Recommended Buyers’ Roadmap:

Step 1: Let’s Talk about Money
Step 2: Wants and Needs
Step 3: Making a List
Step 4: Looking at Homes
Step 5: Making an Offer
Step 6: Negotiate!
Step 7: What About Inspections?
Step 8: Closing

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