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The buyer selects an attorney to prepare the documents to transfer the home and schedules the settlement. Real estate settlements generally take about one hour.  The closing attorney represents the buyer, making sure they get clear title to the property, as well as insuring that the mortgage lender gets a correct lien.

After all parties have signed the required documents at the closing and the mortgage funds have arrived, the attorney records the new deed at the County Registrar of Deeds.  When the deed is recorded, the buyer owns the home.

Our Recommended Buyers’ Roadmap:

Step 1:  Let’s Talk about Money
Step 2:  Wants and Needs
Step 3:  Making a List
Step 4:  Looking at Homes
Step 5:  Making an Offer
Step 6:  Negotiate!
Step 7:  What About Inspections?
Step 8:  Closing

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