The Raleigh Bar Scene is Expanding, Bringing Individuality and Candor to Nightlife in the Triangle

Cogin's Raleigh is one of Downtown's newest and most hip bars

Those of you who have been in Raleigh for the last ten years know that the city has seen some incredible growth. From an impressive bounce back in housing to an increase in restaurants and bars, Raleigh is quickly becoming the place to live in the Triangle area.

When it comes to nightlife, it does not get better than the downtown Raleigh bar scene. Currently there are about 60 places to go out at night in the city, and that number is growing just about every week. Over seven new bars have sprung up in the past few months alone!

One of the great things about these new establishments is that each one is trying to cater to a different theme or demographic. With so many establishments already in place, new venues are making themselves stand out, and it is definitely working. One such bar, Coglin’s Raleigh, opened this past new years and is one of the most interesting places to have a drink in town. Filled with décor from the 80s and 90s, Cogin’s Raleigh will bring you back to the glory days when neon colors and roller skates were cool.

Whether at Cogin’s or elsewhere, the themes keep going with focuses on the LGBTIQ community, the outdoors, and much more. With so many late night establishments in Raleigh, and many more on the horizon, this is the perfect summer to go exploring. You never know when you are going to find your next favorite hangout spot.

Below is a conveniently compiled list of a few of the new bars in Raleigh so that you don’t have to do all the digging!

Coglin’s Raleigh
Big Easy
Royal James Lounge
The Warhol
Cornerstone Tavern

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