Mama Dip’s

Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill, NC has been serving up great home-style southern cooking since 1976.  Mama Dip’s arguably serves the best-fried chicken and fried chicken livers in the area.  Chef/owner Mildred Council is Mama Dip.  She got her start when a real estate agent offered her the opportunity to take over a failed restaurant.  She and her children went in to clean it up on a Saturday night and started serving breakfast the next day.  In the beginning it was one meal at a time.  She took her last $64 to the grocery store and bought the breakfast supplies.  After serving breakfast she went back to the grocery store to get the necessary supplies for lunch.  At the end of her first day of business she had made a profit of $135.  Her story is pretty extraordinary, and her food is even better.  And if you’re a fan of cooking you can buy her cookbook the next time you visit.  Mama Dip’s is located at 408 W. Rosemary Street in Chapel Hill.

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